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earlier this week due to the storm. the airport is back up and running as normal. sandy caused thousands of flight cancellations to and from destinations along the east coast. laguardia will reopen this morning. it suffered major flooding from sandy and both runways will be open for business. travelers are being asked to contact the the airline. >>> coming up, a man becomes a human hood ornament in a parking lot, this all over a fight for a parking spot. we'll tell you about the charges the driver faces. >> and a zombie expert giving tips on how to prepare for a zombie pandemic, he says it's going to happen so we'll hear what he has to say when we come back. >>> we have some health news for you this morning. a new study questions the use of drugs for pregnant women who may be experiencing symptoms of depression. this report looked at more than 100 studies on certain antidepressants, things like paxil, zoloft, lexapro, and they found that they increased the risk of miscarriage, early delivery and neurological problems in babies. pregnant women need to talk it to their doctor if they're ta
week out there -- out there. you have the cold weather behind sandy that dominated the news well past wednesday. a lot of people are in the dark. >> i that i lot of people are he had ay for warmer temperatures and maybe some sunshine. if we can dream. >> lynette. >> right. i might be able to do one of those for you. and that's the sunshine. and a little more sunshine into the weekend but we will stay cold. sandy shifted the weather pattern. remember before sandy we were in indian summer temperatures in the 70s. not so much. we are coming in below that. very cold mornings now coming in at 38 degrees in owings mills and we are also going to be seeing 37 in reisterstown right now and that will continue even over into west friendship. you need the big coat this morning and make sure to dress your kids that way. dress yourself that way. and as you head out the door this morning because we are going to be feeling it. picking up where we left off from yesterday and the day before that. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. this is going to be the change of the day. yes, we have had plenty o
and helping those impacted by sandy. we're live showing you how can you lend a hand to those in the state reeling from the massive storm. that's ahead on this friday, november 9th. >>> you want to make plans then you have to know what the weather will be like. >> we're checking by with a check of the forecast. >> i like to plan for the weekend. >> you do that during the week. >> exactly. >>> this what we have the power radar now, not a lot. we have all the sweeps on. we're scanning the skies. get out there and enjoy. now how will you dress? that's the question. clarksville's temperature coming in at 36 degrees. we're cold this morning not as cold as we have been but make sure you bundle up as you head out the door. and the winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. and a bit of an improvement and a wind chill. and coming in at 40 right now. as we head throughout the day. this is what you can expect by lunchtime. let's get a check of traffic. >> we're dealing with the effects of the water main break. and north charles street from penn station to 21stst street. it will take time to fix
, with the election taking place tomorrow, we wanted to find out how people affected by the storm of sandy, what they will do about the vote. >> reporter: voting is on my mind, even though i'm living in the mess. i am who i am. >> is voting the last thing on your mind? >> it's not really -- i'm not making it a problem. i'm going to get to my poll. >> hopefully it's current where my poll is registered. i want to vote. the death toll reached 179, including 110 in the u.s. 47 in new york. >>> there is no good place for a boa constrictor to surprise you. >> we will tell you where they found the uninvited guest as good morning maryland begins at 5:00 right now. >>> to expand gaming or not, that's the question facing voters when they head to the polls tomorrow. a refresher of what it could mean for you. >> it took a late game come back but the ravens take care of business in cleveland. >> teams are meeting baltimore and helping victims of hurricane sandy. >>> i hope you had a great weekend, and got to enjoy the sunshine yesterday, enjoy it today. things are changing. >> here is lynette with a look of
on the ground. the robber ran away. the cashier was not hurt. they are looking for the thief. >>> and sandy hit a week ago and new yorkers are getting hit again. this time with snow. that's from the nor'easter. look at the video. there is pretty significant accumulation in some areas and many people who just had their power turned on, they lost it again last night. the snow is weighing down and snapping weakened branches. and flights have been grounded until the storms move through. >>> help is on the way. verizon is sending a caravan of trucks up north to help out with restoring of power. and verizon said they are sending 600 technicians to the area and 400 of them are leaving this morning. >>> time now for a check on the weather. >>> people in new york they have to be wondering when they can get a break. >> and it will come later on than ours, they will clean up. can you see the storm now moving up into new england. it will move out in a matter of days. it is good news close to home because we dodged another bullet. sandy now the nor'easter. we're dealing with clouds this morning off windy co
and other retailer. tevana operates 300 mall based stores. >>> sandy had one town dispatch system work overtime. >> hear the 911 calls when they were trapped in the height of the storm. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> you are watching the station that work for you. now, good morning maryland. >>> he is retired but that didn't stop a state trooper from upholding the law. we hear from the man who stopped a armed robbery. >> the testimony congressman been -- has been waiting to hear. general david petraeus will answer questions about the libyan attack. >> the second year is as prophettable as the first we have new numbers on the success of the grand prix and we will bring it to you on this friday november 16th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. not only friday, but it's also charley crawson he's birth day so -- birthday so get on fart. facebook and tell him happy birthday. >> you did it again. >> all morning long. >> you going to dance again. >> you want one. >> go ahead. >> happy birthday charles. >> thank you. >> let's talk about what's going on
. >> it's 5:04. sandy is gone leaving considerable damage to parts of new york. >> but today, the memorial honoring those who died on september 11th is set to reopen. we will tell you about the damage that was caused by the storm. >> and maryland will be the state to watch today as voters head to the polls to decide same sex marriage. megan broke it down and we will hear from both those for and against the measure. we will bring that to you on good morning maryland. >> and it's cold outside with temperatures in the 20s in a lot of spots. but we have a warmup in the forecast. stick around for that. >> reporter: chilly start but no delays here on 895 north of route 40. i will let you know what traffic looks like on 95 and the beltway coming up on good morning maryland. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. a wiit takes some doing.
no more than a pile of wood after sandy. what the mayor is giving to bring that pier back to life for tourists. those stories coming up on this wednesday, november 14th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. megan is off today. >>> we begin with the check of the forecast where things are still cold out there. lynette, you called it. >> yes. and it's going to stay cold, charley. so don't think that we are going to start that warmup, not this week, maybe the week after that and also we'll have some rain towards the end. but as of now just enjoy the sunshine that we will be receiving once that sun comes up. but in the meantime you're heading out the door this morning, getting you out there, make sure you have the heavy coat. you can see that temperature in davidsonville, i'm not hiding it from you this morning, 33 degrees there. 31 degrees in ellicott city. we're below freezing across the area. woke up to some patchy frost in a lot of spots this morning. and look at iamsville and fredrick, 26 degrees. fredrick also dealing with a little bit of patchy fog across that area as w
jersey have been through enough and continuecontinuing to recover from sandy. >> a nor'easter is threatening the area and they are preparing for the worst. new york mayor bloomberg announced there was a 24 hour closure of all city beaches and parks. starting at noon today. there is worry that 55-mile-an- hour gusts could bring down branches on trees that have been weak nd by sandy. weakened by sandy. >> whoa could -- weakened by sandy. >> whoa could have snow on the ground and trees and the trees have the base flooded morelikely to fall over and that's something that we really will worry about. >> pf before the storm hitspolice go through the hardest hit areas telling people to get to shelters. in many areas power is not restored and the wind chill is forecasted to be into the 20s tonight. there's the threat of coastal flooding from the storm. >> you hate to see that for people along the east coast and people here are worried about what could be coming our way. >> lynette is staying by the forecast. temperatures could be deadly. >> yes. we have the wind that are going t
are returning to the mess left behind from super storm sandy. >> and you need to down load the app to the android or iphone because you can get the radar and you can get the forecast if the temperatures where you live in your neighborhood and also you can check out the forecast. you can get closings and delays. don't go anywhere. good morning maryland will be right back. >>> thank for joining us on this monday morning. seeing the damage for the first time neighbors in one area of long beach in new york and new jersey then the home for the first time -- they went home for the first time after being hit by sandy and there were piles offurniture outside the homes. volunteers from maryland and washington, d.c. have been helping to remove heavy debris. he thought his boat was gone until he looked across the street. >> it was about five feet water here where we are standing so with the boat on concrete blocks it had watter to float away and the wind blew it across the street. >> the neighbors are drying out their homes pulling up all the carpet and getting everything together to help bri
. >>> the president is visiting new york city today to see the damage done by superstorm sandy. he's going to see it firsthand. president obama will neat with neighbors who are -- meet with neighbors who are recovering from the first responders who helped so many victims in crisis and still a lot of people in the area who don't have power and it's cold. lynette. i know people are waiting for the lights to come on. >> oh yes megan. it's been day after day after day, weeks after weeks. so enough is enough. cold temperatures out there. we're even talking about cold temperatures here. and we have some clouds around this morning. that could linger even into the afternoon. a few peeks of some sunshine but right now, if this -- these clouds helping those temperatures really not drop like a rock because basically they just insulate us. what's going on as i pull out the big picture here, well we have some rain down to the south. this disturbance is the one that's bringing the clouds in here for this morning. and also this afternoon. and here are these temperatures coming in at 35-degrees in columbia. let'
you for your time. >>> the clean up from sandy continues in new york and long island, they are running out of money. governor andrew cuomo plans to ask $30 billion in aid. new york spent 134 million on emergency relief. gasoline will come to an end in new jersey this morning at 6:00. remain as place in new york city, also in long island, and the city's mayor, michael bloomberg says it will continue for sometime. >>> this morning, as we look at the satellite and radar, both quite active. we see the radar part with the rain pushing from the west to the east, this will continue as we go through the rest of the morning on the backside of the system, cold air funneling. in you can see snow around michigan right now, the great lakes also picking up on that as we go through the rest of the day. things will improve in terms of the wet weather dying out. the colder air will begin to move in here. high pressure will begin to move in. that's going to clear out our skies. tonight, we are going to be able to drop the temperatures off. once again, not seeing snow, because of the fact, well, we misse
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12